Monday, August 17, 2009

When The Money Goes...

Mr. Hova himself appears in a video that he only did the hook in!?
If you heard this song when it was first leaked, you wouldn't be surprised that Jay is in the video. (*Shall I Break It Down!?) I'mma break it down... This song was one of the earlier leaked songs from BP3 in the first quarter of this year. In June, I heard the remix of this song, which was Then FEATURING Fabolous, who dropped a nice verse. But NOW, the song has become Fabolous', featuring Hov... interestiiing. That's one thing we are strangely kept in the dark about as fans. We listen to songs, and automatically assume that these are original cuts from our favorite artists. But that's quite on the contrary! The music industry is very political, and these songs are passed from artist to artist, and some have been completely duplicated. (*For example: Sterling Simms wrote, and recorded a hand-full of BANGERZ last year. THEN, Lloyd [a more well known artist] needs songs to finish "Lessons in Love", next thing you know, all those cuts were re-recorded the EXACT same way Sterling Simms cut them. So, most people have still Yet to know WHO STERLING SIMMS IS... "The Future!")
With that said, back to the video... I am not a fan of rap videos. They're copy-n-pasted concepts the have been recycled for more than a decade now. BUT, with the Hova cameo, and the simple, yet Real concept to this video... I dig it. One day you're "Living The Life", but if your foundation is soft and white, the Feds WILL come and chop that shit up and make you disappear!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are (**in the Great State of TEXAS)

My personal opinion of this movie before seeing the trailer, "...why are the hipsters so excited about this?? it WAS a great book, but... why are the 'Cool Kids' all excited? seems like a gimick!"
With that said, I saw the "Making of: 'Where The Wild Things Are'", and I ALREADY know, this movie is going to be great. I guarantee, if you love GOOD movies, you will LOVE this movie.
I consider GOOD movies to be the ones that are different. Watching the same ol thing with a new title, but the same premise is BORING. This movie with not be boring. It's more than a movie. It pushes the limits on what is a "children's movie." Its a creation. It IS motion art.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alexi Wasser's -

Singer. Actress. Journalist. Blogger.
Anomolous Babe...

This "Boy Crazy", young lady, recently posted a piece on her blog based on what type of dude she WOULD be... ya know... if she had a "d.i.c.k." Possibly inspired by the lack of romantic efforts put forth by guys now-n-days. Topics such as these amplify my curiosity, because hetero cat's, like myself, seriously think about, and debate what attracts different women. A person can easily describe their dream (person) by ideally illustrating how they would be if they were the opposite sex.
From a far glance, Alexi Wasser seems like an unparalleled, out of the box type of beauty. While reading about her "dream guy", i took notes and found some things funny and some things informing. Here are a some of my favorite parts, but I suggest going and reading the entire post (LINK).

"If I were a dude, I’d be doing all kinds of shit to impress the girlies. Little stuff that’s super easy for me to do, but goes a long way with girls - cuz dudes just aren’t very romantic nowadays. i would dress to impress all the time but make sure there was no way i could ever, even for a second, be mistaken as gay. i would wear a slim fit tux WHENEVER necessary. i would wear suits everyday. i would always bring my dates flowers or even just a SINGLE flower. ANYTHING to look as though i added that extra bit of pizaz, cuz it’s so easy to do, and in reality requires no effort- and yet it is a gesture that goes a long way. i would pick the girl up, make sure she got inside safely before driving off. (but that bitch BETTER know the lean over ‘door trick’ or she’s dead to me!) [LOL!]i would open the door for her, pay for our dates (but secretly want her to offer to pay, just to gauge what kind of person she is). i would ONLY let her pay on my birthday and surprise me with little prezzies and the occasional grocery list item though. [EXATLY]. i would drive a hybrid or a range rover. maybe both, just to be confusing. i would go to the doctor and take care of myself. i wouldn’t have roommates, because i would want the place to myself so i could fuck whatever girl i wanted, whenever i wanted to, however i wanted! and because real men don’t have roommates."

Pay Attention 2 This Ad or It'll Beat This Woman...

This bus stop ad, recently erected in Hamburg, Germany, changes whether or not someone's looking at it. Using a built-in camera with eye-tracking technology, it can tell exactly when someone is checking it out.

It uses this to get across an anti-domestic abuse message. When no one is looking, it shows a man hitting his wife. But when you look right at it, it changes to a picture of the couple looking happy and normal. A cool piece of tech used to powerful effect.

Info Via: Jalopnik

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Black Mamba's" Tote

This isn't really a Black Mamba tote. If you don't know who "Black Mamba" is, I suggest you look over Kill Bill one more time.

The tote is an Empire 33 original (Top row: Custer / Bottom row: Musashi). They have been crafted from high quality Italian leather. The handle is an American civil war sword handle or a Japanese katana sword handle and is made of hardwood with steel and handcrafted brass fittings.
The man behind Empire 33, is Marjon Petrovski who hales from Southwestern Sydney. That's right folks! He's a young Aussie designer literally being inspired by his dreams. And while attending the Fashion Design Studio in Sydney, he fell in love with fine leathers, and high quality products. You can't go wrong with quality.

I Need This Giant Condom....... pillow

" you have a condom?"
"DO I!"
There is No-Way you can beat around the bush when you lay her head on the silk screened Lifestyle condom pillow. It speaks volumes about your standards, without saying a word. It also has a hidden pocket on the side for your erotic accommodations. Not only do they have 131 items for your condom convenience (key chains, holders, etc.), they have other fashionable yet effective fertility awareness methods for the babes. The Menstrual Bead Necklace, but they empower you to become more in touch with your body and your cycle by counting the beads to keep track.
The pillow can be copped at Etsy for $80

tAz Arnold: An Artist or A Piece of Work?

My job is to destroy people with creativity and style, which actually doesn’t destroy but inspires them." -tAz! Photobucket

Born and raised in South Central L.A. Along with being a father of two. Taz is the master of his existence and center of the universe. "This shit is about to get way dope and super excellenced out!" Currently on some renaissant man type shit, and attempting to turn this wack ass music industry, and this stale ass fashion shit on its ass with his supreme dopeness! He is a musician (one-third of Sa-Ra's "creative partners."), philosopher and fashion designer for such brands as MCM, and Kanye's Pastelle (The first Pastelle Clothing store will open up late 2009 in Chicago — followed by the New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco launch.), and Head of ti$a (his own intimate brand). Recently featured in YRB magazine for being... Fly. I would Highly suggest you read up on this fella. You don't want to be left behind, because I believe he will have something to do with your future.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Louis V's "Ruck-sacks" coming soon

Louis Vuitton unveiled new bags from their upcoming Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

The line includes: messenger bag, duffel, and ruck-sacks (I've heard that the use of "ruck-sack" is more common in Britain." Here at home... we just say "backpack" =)) The French luxury new bags features new silhouettes with new colors and innovative materials (rugged nylon and neoprene material, including a premium ostrich leather), but keeping the classic look. The entire look is messenger bike boy inspired *hints: the clean, sleek lines for the idea of an aerodynamic design.

Monday, June 29, 2009

VISVIM (say that 3x's fast...)

In era of massification, cost-cutting and chaotic branding, Visvim sticks out... about as awkwardly as it’s pronounced.

Visvim is one of those Japanese labels you hear about from time to time, usually in the context of superior handmade footwear, but is now moving towards apparel. The label was started by Hiroki Nakamura as a response to mass produced footwear from the likes of Adidas and Nike. No dis on the accomplishments of those giants! But it's as if he recognizes the demand for products that offer the exact opposite of what these brands provide. There's a very 'non-commercial' approach to his game. Like the unhurried and meticulous approach to his line.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Artillery For Pleasure

Keith Hopewell [Part2ism]: native from the UK. An aerosol O.G. forever transforming the boundaries of contemporary street art. Creator of the dauntingly large scale wall series [Tamara], naked babe with the gas mask ^above^ on a golden yellow emulsion, I'm sure grabbed the attention of alot of people. These street productions are hand painted using regular car spray paint.
Keith’s work challenges the perception and conception within a modern consumerist society often using religious and military imagery. The red and blue 3D lenses represent the need to see with a greater clarity and enhanced perspective. “My work is a critique of commodity as a religion and how religion and money are the principal conspirators of war”. The built up textures from the application of car spray paint are reminiscent of old black and white grained film. They say you can visually feel and smell it which enhances the sensual tones of his nude figures. The exhibition 'Artillery For Pleasure' featured large scale monochrome photo realist paintings.

"To be a Renegade in a rebellious culture that’s already divided by it’s own rules, traditions and internal politics is probably the biggest battle I’ll ever fight. it’s a war on all fronts because you’ve got the media & the masses that generally don’t know the real history of this art, never mind it’s fractions, derivatives and their internal aesthetics. People are fighting for acceptance on a huge number of levels from so many divisions just to produce art and then be labeled under one category that barely scratches the surface. Whatever it is that I create, it has to remain ambiguous to have any form of impact in this saturated world, that is quickly becoming desensitized to one of the most powerful art form’s of its time".

Friday, June 12, 2009

EA Sports Present: FN4


Finally! I have been praying for June 25th for a long time, and we only have two more weeks. AND!!! MIKE TYSON WILL BE JOINING US! One question... Where's Money Mayweather? Doesn't matter. I will be handing out beatings in plural using the long awaited TYSON. LET'S GO!!!

Air Max 90's: The FORNICATORS

In yet another first for the world’s premier athletic footwear manufacturer, Nike announced Tuesday the nationwide launch of the Air Fornicator, a lightweight copulating shoe designed to maximize sexual performance. According to a Nike press release, the Air Fornicator’s cutting-edge support system creates maximum foot stability, which in turn improves coital alignment, increases clitoral stimulation, and deepens penetration. The revolutionary mid-sole component reportedly works to adapt to the user’s pelvic motions and cushions the overall shock of repetitive grinding.
Retailing for $175, the Air Fornicator will be available in high-tops and low-tops and in a variety of passion-inducing colorways.

Info Via: Sneaker Me Stupid

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ca$hmere - F/W 09

CA$HMERE is a collectible collaboration between designer John Scher and an ever changing roster of artists whom create exclusive graphics for the line. Ca$hmere's 2009 Fall/Winter Line took a new look in their campaigns as they referenced their pieces with familiar cartoon images calling it EMPERIALISTIC. The use of mix media, to me, shows originality.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Maestro and MJ as they takeover Gourmet's LA office for the day.
MJ gets schooled in groceries with Jon, hits the batting cages with Lucci and visit the spa with Greg!

7 carat digital joint!?
OOOUCH. That's Nasty!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"... fa real B?"

A Palm Beach County woman told police she crashed her car into her boyfriend's truck to prevent him from driving drunk.
IF THAT WASN'T STUPID ENOUGH, she did this while her two children, ages 7 and ONE, were "safely" strapped in the backseat... She found him sitting in his truck in a Winn-Dixie (HAHAHAHA!!) parking lot. That's when authorities say Alvarez pulled up to the truck and rammed it. Alvarez was charged with aggravated battery and two counts of child abuse.

Swine Flu Vs. the flu...
All this "swine-flu" chaos has been bugging me. After finding out, "What IS the Swine Flu?", I still had questions that needed to be answered. There had been no confirmed deaths in the United States related to swine flu as of Tuesday afternoon. But another virus had killed thousands of people since January and is expected to keep killing hundreds of people every week for the rest of the year. People are nervous about swine flu, but the regular flu kills 36,000 people a year in the United States. Soooo, why are schools closing down, and hand sanitizer selling out?! It didn't take very much research to realize, the media is blowing this whole thing wa---y out of proportion.
An outbreak of swine flu that is suspected in more than 150 deaths in Mexico and has sickened dozens of people in the United States and elsewhere has grabbed the attention of the public and of medical officials worried the strain will continue to mutate and spread. Experts are nervous that, as a new strain, the swine flu will be harder to stop because there aren't any vaccines to fight it. But even if there are swine-flu deaths outside Mexico (and medical experts say there very well may be) the virus would have a long way to go to match the roughly 36,000 deaths that seasonal influenza causes in the United States each year.
So Chi----ll!! You're more likely to die from getting your Flu shot, than you are from the Swine-flu. (That is a fact.)

"It seems that someone has hacked into my computer...that's real foul and evil... Now stop acting like you haven't seen a titty before." THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT CASSIE?! Either she knows how happy this just made sooo many young men (sheeit, old men too) of America, or something else is going on here. She just shaved her head, and now she has her tittys out... Be FaReal.

Off The Grid


"Show Support For YOUR Artists Who Support OUR City!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MAESTRO KNOWS: San Fransisco

Honestly, what would you rather do, than go to San Fransisco to eat, shop, and chill!? THEY HAVE SOME OF THE BEST OF ALL THREE! WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?!


ALIFE is hosting a screening for Levi Maestro, a Los Angeles creative who has directed and produced content for several major corporate brands such as Moet Chandon Hennessy, Nike and New Era Caps, and also musicians and artists. OBVIOUSLY Maestro is becoming a more known cat about town with this online show.

This screening of Maestro Knows was held at ALIFE Hollywood, yesterday. Maestro Knows is Maestro’s online show which showcases his work experiences and relationships with other creatives. For this event, DJ King Solom on IRAK NYC was spinning, there was also amazing Alife giveaways.

Saturday, May 2, 2009



Peep the violinist gettin buck in between notes.

The Girlfriend Experience [Trailer]

"Watch it with someone you ****"

This movie was shot in NYC over 2008. Directed by Steven Soderbergh (think: Oceans 11, 12, & 13. Dude is LEGIT!), and starring Sasha Grey ***The Porn Star***. This film was first seen in the Sundance Film Festival, but it was a uncut version. The director mentioned Red Desert and Cries and Whispers as influences to the movie.
First-time actor and real-life blogger Glenn Kenny (of the blog "Some Came Running") plays the cameo role of a blogger and adult services reviewer.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


WHO SKATESBOARDS IN UNRELEASED YEEZY'S AND SCUFF'S THEM UP WITH A SMILE ON THEIR FACE!?!?!?! Maestro MUST know something we don't. How the heyl does he continually get these joints early?? "HE MUST'VE HAD A BLESSIN' FROM PASTOR MASON!!"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yohan Serfaty: Spring Collection

The looks are fairly simple, yet Yohan Serfaty has managed to put together quite a fancy little collection here. The leathers look great, but a bit too much for the spring season I'm use to... the jackets and blazers are fly as hell too. Great use of textures and layering. Its not too much, it simply accentuates the quality of the line, because it's trendy & savvy, and not overloaded. The form fitting, but masculine look of the line kind of sets off this ingredient of Rock-star appeal, and I'm not gonna lie... I kinda dig it.

(Info Via: The Fashionisto)

Swizz Beatz... an Artist?

Some of us are lucky enough to be great at a few things, but This renaissance man they call Swizz Beatz is truly a jack of all trades. Swizz has been a master of music production since he was SIXTEEN-YEARS-OLD. (Yes, correct. When you were in middle school, high school, college... gettin gully with your friends, chanting "Stop! Drop! Shut'em down, open up shop!! The young man who produced that was in HIGH SCHOOL! Doing the samething you were doing... kinda.) Not only a producer, but also a decent rapper, with car knowledge and a collection that would make any male jealous.
Soooo... he sounds good... he rides good... and he dresses well, affiliated with KidRobot. He's a contributing artist for the clothing line (designed the logo).

From what I read, Swizz has always been a fan of art and a collector. But I was oblivious to his skillz!! His work is AMAZIN! Being a fan of Warhol, I'm not surprise to see the influences, and the piece with Jean Michel Basquiat (which is DOPE!!) And from what I understand, he debuted this new stuff over Twitter. How often does that happen. But he donates the money he earns from his paintings to the Children's Cancer & Blood Foundation.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

W Hotel - Hong Kong - "GET FAMILIAR!!"

I am... a "fan" of hotels, and hospitality. That's something I wouldn't slack on when it comes time for vacacation. I wouldn't mind spending that little extra money to stay beyond the 8th floor, so I can wake up to that beautiful view. Combine that with a love for travel, and you have captured my jealousy in Thought for DJ CLINTON SPARKS! Check it out.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maestro Knows


Maestro Knows is an online show based around Levi Maestro's day to day life. Taking place primarily in Los Angeles, Maestro shows you LA through his eyes.
"Showing the people I don't know, all the things I do know." - MAESTRO!! Great moto =o)
In episode 5, Maestro rolls around with Dom. Kennedy! (Looove "Watermelon Sundae" & "Still Lookin")
Kennedy, who grew up in Leimert Park—an area considered a staple of Los Angeles’ black community for its rich traditions—popped up on the L.A. music scene two years ago, and released his debut mixtape, The 25th Hour, in March of 2008.
The 25th Hour was my attempt to make a CD now that sounds like and feels like things that I grew up on and that people played for me,” - Dom
Already one mixtape deep into the fray, Kennedy is currently working on his next mixtape and is in talks to do a collaborative project with L.A. trio Pacific Division and Houston rapper Carter, but is certain not to lose sight of the bigger picture.
The west coast is on the come up...? Perhaps. Maybe not on the level of ATL, but on the level that Chi-town did... I think so. Update your knowledge in Dom Kennedy, Diz Gibran, Shawn Jackson, and of course... U-N-I.

Episode 5 - Dom Kennedy

BUT I GOT 16s!!!"

LV "Evidence" goggles


The new thangs from Louis Vuitton appear to be... Stunning. Last fall, they introduced the style in black, but I'm a fan of the color combination's for the S/S 09 Collection. The Evidence frame comes close to the Millionaire model that Pharrell and Nigo had created for Vuitton a couple of seasons back. The price tag comes close to the Millionaire's as well... PEEP for yourself you trix -n- ballas.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Carefully Colorful Silhoettes


Danish artist: Johnny Madsen. Think blurred human forms in broad brushstrokes, anonymous and ghostly. All of this created from a palette of angry reds and blacks. At first glance it seems a bit subtle, but slowly, the confrontational aspect of his work begins to seep in. Thoughts of, "Why are they shaped that way?" start to run through your head. Purposely miss-shaped, carefully colorful silhouettes...


Currently exhibiting in London at the Mews 42 gallery.

"Scent of the genitalia of a freshly shampooed beast"...


Some perfumes are meant to smell pleasant and good and beautiful. They’re easy to wear, they evoke something nice, and often smell of flowers or forests or fruit. Then there are other perfumes that... aren’t so easy. These perfumes convey an aesthetic of standoffishness, more of a thought-piece than an accessory. Cool in their own right, but not entirely suitable for close encounters.

The artist, Sacre Nobi, famous for his multi-sensory sculptures, has created a perfume house that caters to just this sort of fragrance. S-ex, one of three scents currently produced by S-Perfume, is the epitome of such a fragrance. It is an exquisite and rare perfume that somehow manages to capture the essence of the avant-garde while still remaining both wearable and breathtakingly beautiful.

Described as: slightly sweet, somewhat kinky, and entirely elegant. Couple this with a strong underpinning of dry, taught leather and a subtle, synthetic accord of rubber or plastic, and you have a full-on evocation of kink. Layers of animalic musk, crystalline in clarity and unlike any other... and then comes the salt (strange). It’s the smell of dried sweat on skin, a slightly malodorous representation of that remarkably sexy part of body odor.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Art Hotel Gallery Presents a gift to you!

Dallas artists Mike Arreaga, Shayne W. Ridenour, and Zach Saucedo share their inspirations with you in a one night only silent auction of their newest and finest works.
No to low reserves. You decide the price.

Power to the people.

Presented by Art Hotel Gallery, in association with DIAC.
Musical guest: Caleb Jones

Original Fake x NEIGHBORHOOD [Tie]

In addition to Original Fake's April Release tomorrow. Items from its exclusive collaboration with Neighborhood are now available at selected retailers this side of the Pacific, including the Teeth Stripe Neck Tie. Almost identical to the OF Teeth Stripe Shirt, the neck=wear include printed “Teeth” graphics in silver on black diagonal stripes.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


"She say she want whatever she like
But'cha gotta bring yo friend
We can have one hell of a night"


A-Track gives the story on how this remix came about: "I was home for 2 days this past week, between WMC and the start of my European tour. Perfect timing: Kanye sent me this joint and asked me for some “good ol scratches” (verbatim). I jumped on it immediately and here we are just a few days later, it premiered on Hot 97. This is a really low res radio rip but I like it because hey, I get plenty of shout outs! Thanks DJ Enuff." But offerings of Martin Louis The King, I offer you the CDQ.

Kid Cudi (Ft. Lady Gaga, Kanye, Common, & A-Track) - I Poke Her Face

Saturday, April 4, 2009

FrXsh To Death!

"I loved you ever since we first laid

That dude FrXsh has FINALLY given me a sample copy of the mixtape! CDQ Coming Soon, but until then... bump this and get addicted.


FrXsh - Rose Petals
FrXsh - Like A Star

(I know alot of this was over your head. Let the man explain in the video below...)


Thursday, April 2, 2009


I like how they ran through a bunch of the Youtube videos of the dance.
Ellen LOVES black folks

This made me laugh kinda hard.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NIGO No Longer Prez. of BAPE

Nigo is reportedly stepping down as president and brand director of A Bathing Ape, the brand which he founded in 1993. According to Nigo, he will remain Bape's designer and majority owner of parent company, Nowhere Co., Ltd. He will also carry on his Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream brand partnership with Pharrell Williams as co-owner and head designer.

(Info via: WWD Fashion)

Levi's x Kaws "Navy Teeth"

As it turns out the recent collaboration of Kaws and Levi’s also includes a denim model with a navy teeth design and not only the red/white design (which I was not really feelin). The “Navy Teeth” Chompers design by Kaws is much more subtle, as the design is only embroidered and not printed onto the denim. Too bad the price tag isn't THAT subtle. Sitten at about $300. That's Kaws for ya!
The Levi’s x Kaws “Navy Teeth” Denim is now available at the Levi's ESHOP.


This is the reason I love art (Not the sole reason, but the basis is here). A photographer has taken a picture of artist doing THEIR thing. It feels like a layer of Love upon a layer of Love. It's a part of compellingly-titled new show of photographs, “Spit & Peanut Shells: American Pictures” at Cincinnati, Ohio’s Country Club Gallery. Each picture is completely different, but you can see America in each.

What do people DO in between the West Coast -n- East Coast? What we do best... we put our creativity and imagination to work. We "DO WORK SON!!!" The art culture is not wholly in L.A., D.C., and N.Y.! It's in Dallas and Cincinnati as well. It's only a matter of time and a little more effort before people nation wide realize that this "art thing" is bigger than you may think. Art transcends, and it's being backed by Brilliant minds. It cannot be repressed! I suggest becoming apart of the ever increasing movement, or get left behind SUCKAAAAS!

(Photo by: Cheryl Dunn)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blood is the New Black...?

Another tee popularized by Mr. Wayne Carter himself. The "Rock -n- Roll Star"... yeaaah. I wonder if he changed stylist when he decided to be a "Rock -n- Roll Star." Either way, the t-shirt is dope. I love the little shot of Versace in the bottom corner. [Correction: not Versace, but Karl Lagerfeld.]
Designed by Brian Lichtenberg, but sold at BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK. The clothing retailer has a great concept of featuring t-shirts done by ARTISTS. The site also has links to all 21 artists and their websites to view their portfolios. These cats are Legit and the clothes are Official! They feel very exclusive with the 'one of a kind' look to each of them. The 'Moto Vest' tee was Lichtenberg's only piece (haha) available through BITNB, but his link is available above to view his other products.

(Info via: Complex)

Curren$y "Modern Day Hippie" LIVE @ SXSW


OOOOOW That's my joint!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

HOV's teaser

"Tell me I didn't make a mistake..."


Jay-Z "Maybe"

I can't lie. My anxiousness for the Blueprint 3 kinda died out somewhere along the way. Not sure whats going on with hip-hop right now (IT SUCKS!) but I need SOMETHING. This song was something like a 99 cent 4 piece nugget at Wendy's... just a lil snack.

Bjorg.... not the singer

Bjorg kicked off her venture into the fashion industry at the young age of 22 in her own studio and boutique, and was soon exhibiting in galleries in Norway, Germany, and Japan. After starting her business, she moved to India with her family, and there she discovered the vibrant colors and deviating styles of jewelery. She has now moved backed to Norway to run her company from home.
Bjørg’s jewellery line is that kind of keepsake special jewellery that reflects nostalgia, tells a story or is just a token of affection, like the “From the Bottom of My Heart” piece.


"She wear her heels on hi-gh"

Gianfranco Ferre very dope heels ("No-Mo") are modeled after crystal sugar sticks. Shits are ba-na-nas! I like the concept. The vibe has changed a bit since the death of Ferre. They're definitely taking further steps to pushing the limits on he architecture of fashion.

ALIFE - Public Outrage

Established in 1999, ALIFE has become one of the most directional and influential brands to have emerged from NYC. Alife has gone from a small retail space on Orchard Street to a genre-defining and coveted brand with projects spanning across the board, including: creative direction of Mass Appeal Magazine, art installations at the Dietch Projects, and the Levi's and Alife Retail Installation.
ALIFE’s latest collection of footwear just dropped. It features three designs over two models. Some nice bright colors are utilized throughout with some strong branding. The Public Outrage is a low-top deck shoe with a tumbled leather upper. A big ass ALIFE logo (as usual) is plastered over the heel. Now cop-able at select ALIFE dealers. I'd suggest hitting up your local Barney's.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Shortly before G.O.O.D Music went on stage at SXSW they where backstage getting warmed up. Big Sean spit a short freestyle in Kanye’s trailer before the show. Check out the footage above. (Via: Hypetrak)

Sean Anderson (20 YEARS OLD TODAY!), deriving from Detroit, gets my vote for G.O.O.D. Music's ROOKIE of the YEAR! Without a doubt. (Also signed to Island Def Jam last year.) The first few songs I heard from young, I wasn't very impressed. His "style" or content wasn't captivating enough for me to take anymore time in checking up on his new shit. But there is something about getting to know someone, that makes you root for them. No matter what someone is promoting or selling, when you've heard their story, and you get a better view on Their vision, you can't help but want to see them succeed. And that is exactly what attracted me to BIG Sean. Its as if I had to get to know him to understand his style. And when I heard "MILLION DOLLARS", I knew this dude was official!!
FINALLY FAMOUS The Album, slated to drop before the summer.

Peep his 5 part story of his come up!
Its definitely worth watching.

ACRONYM - "The Perfect" Messenger Backpack


In addition to the extensive collection of technical apparel, Munich-based label ACRONYM also launched several new accessories for its 3RD ARM bag collection. So named for their versatility, ACRONYM worked closely with BLACKJACK, the renown messenger bag manufacturer in Berlin, in designing the most suitable storage for the dynamic urban environment. The bags include the patented KHS TEC SYS, a modular webbing system like those found on MOLLE used by the U.S. Armed Forces. The webbing permits attachments of accessories in an infinite range of combination. Making ACRONYM 3RD ARM Bag expendable and future proof.

The ACRONYM 3RD ARM Collection is WAS available at The-Glade, but is now SOLD OUT. Unless you happen to be in Berlin, and you stop by FIRMANENT... don't hold your breath.