Friday, April 17, 2009

"Scent of the genitalia of a freshly shampooed beast"...


Some perfumes are meant to smell pleasant and good and beautiful. They’re easy to wear, they evoke something nice, and often smell of flowers or forests or fruit. Then there are other perfumes that... aren’t so easy. These perfumes convey an aesthetic of standoffishness, more of a thought-piece than an accessory. Cool in their own right, but not entirely suitable for close encounters.

The artist, Sacre Nobi, famous for his multi-sensory sculptures, has created a perfume house that caters to just this sort of fragrance. S-ex, one of three scents currently produced by S-Perfume, is the epitome of such a fragrance. It is an exquisite and rare perfume that somehow manages to capture the essence of the avant-garde while still remaining both wearable and breathtakingly beautiful.

Described as: slightly sweet, somewhat kinky, and entirely elegant. Couple this with a strong underpinning of dry, taught leather and a subtle, synthetic accord of rubber or plastic, and you have a full-on evocation of kink. Layers of animalic musk, crystalline in clarity and unlike any other... and then comes the salt (strange). It’s the smell of dried sweat on skin, a slightly malodorous representation of that remarkably sexy part of body odor.

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