Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blood is the New Black...?

Another tee popularized by Mr. Wayne Carter himself. The "Rock -n- Roll Star"... yeaaah. I wonder if he changed stylist when he decided to be a "Rock -n- Roll Star." Either way, the t-shirt is dope. I love the little shot of Versace in the bottom corner. [Correction: not Versace, but Karl Lagerfeld.]
Designed by Brian Lichtenberg, but sold at BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK. The clothing retailer has a great concept of featuring t-shirts done by ARTISTS. The site also has links to all 21 artists and their websites to view their portfolios. These cats are Legit and the clothes are Official! They feel very exclusive with the 'one of a kind' look to each of them. The 'Moto Vest' tee was Lichtenberg's only piece (haha) available through BITNB, but his link is available above to view his other products.

(Info via: Complex)


  1. well we had more lichtenberg tees until the gucci group served us with a cease and desist ; )

    also, thats karl lagerfeld on the back of the shirt, but who's keeping track?

  2. Appreciate it. The correction and the interest.
    How did you come across the blog?
    Love the website. Very Dope concept.