Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Louis V's "Ruck-sacks" coming soon

Louis Vuitton unveiled new bags from their upcoming Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

The line includes: messenger bag, duffel, and ruck-sacks (I've heard that the use of "ruck-sack" is more common in Britain." Here at home... we just say "backpack" =)) The French luxury new bags features new silhouettes with new colors and innovative materials (rugged nylon and neoprene material, including a premium ostrich leather), but keeping the classic look. The entire look is messenger bike boy inspired *hints: the clean, sleek lines for the idea of an aerodynamic design.

Monday, June 29, 2009

VISVIM (say that 3x's fast...)

In era of massification, cost-cutting and chaotic branding, Visvim sticks out... about as awkwardly as it’s pronounced.

Visvim is one of those Japanese labels you hear about from time to time, usually in the context of superior handmade footwear, but is now moving towards apparel. The label was started by Hiroki Nakamura as a response to mass produced footwear from the likes of Adidas and Nike. No dis on the accomplishments of those giants! But it's as if he recognizes the demand for products that offer the exact opposite of what these brands provide. There's a very 'non-commercial' approach to his game. Like the unhurried and meticulous approach to his line.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Artillery For Pleasure

Keith Hopewell [Part2ism]: native from the UK. An aerosol O.G. forever transforming the boundaries of contemporary street art. Creator of the dauntingly large scale wall series [Tamara], naked babe with the gas mask ^above^ on a golden yellow emulsion, I'm sure grabbed the attention of alot of people. These street productions are hand painted using regular car spray paint.
Keith’s work challenges the perception and conception within a modern consumerist society often using religious and military imagery. The red and blue 3D lenses represent the need to see with a greater clarity and enhanced perspective. “My work is a critique of commodity as a religion and how religion and money are the principal conspirators of war”. The built up textures from the application of car spray paint are reminiscent of old black and white grained film. They say you can visually feel and smell it which enhances the sensual tones of his nude figures. The exhibition 'Artillery For Pleasure' featured large scale monochrome photo realist paintings.

"To be a Renegade in a rebellious culture that’s already divided by it’s own rules, traditions and internal politics is probably the biggest battle I’ll ever fight. it’s a war on all fronts because you’ve got the media & the masses that generally don’t know the real history of this art, never mind it’s fractions, derivatives and their internal aesthetics. People are fighting for acceptance on a huge number of levels from so many divisions just to produce art and then be labeled under one category that barely scratches the surface. Whatever it is that I create, it has to remain ambiguous to have any form of impact in this saturated world, that is quickly becoming desensitized to one of the most powerful art form’s of its time".

Friday, June 12, 2009

EA Sports Present: FN4


Finally! I have been praying for June 25th for a long time, and we only have two more weeks. AND!!! MIKE TYSON WILL BE JOINING US! One question... Where's Money Mayweather? Doesn't matter. I will be handing out beatings in plural using the long awaited TYSON. LET'S GO!!!

Air Max 90's: The FORNICATORS

In yet another first for the world’s premier athletic footwear manufacturer, Nike announced Tuesday the nationwide launch of the Air Fornicator, a lightweight copulating shoe designed to maximize sexual performance. According to a Nike press release, the Air Fornicator’s cutting-edge support system creates maximum foot stability, which in turn improves coital alignment, increases clitoral stimulation, and deepens penetration. The revolutionary mid-sole component reportedly works to adapt to the user’s pelvic motions and cushions the overall shock of repetitive grinding.
Retailing for $175, the Air Fornicator will be available in high-tops and low-tops and in a variety of passion-inducing colorways.

Info Via: Sneaker Me Stupid