Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MAESTRO KNOWS: San Fransisco

Honestly, what would you rather do, than go to San Fransisco to eat, shop, and chill!? THEY HAVE SOME OF THE BEST OF ALL THREE! WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?!


ALIFE is hosting a screening for Levi Maestro, a Los Angeles creative who has directed and produced content for several major corporate brands such as Moet Chandon Hennessy, Nike and New Era Caps, and also musicians and artists. OBVIOUSLY Maestro is becoming a more known cat about town with this online show.

This screening of Maestro Knows was held at ALIFE Hollywood, yesterday. Maestro Knows is Maestro’s online show which showcases his work experiences and relationships with other creatives. For this event, DJ King Solom on IRAK NYC was spinning, there was also amazing Alife giveaways.

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