Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are (**in the Great State of TEXAS)

My personal opinion of this movie before seeing the trailer, "...why are the hipsters so excited about this?? it WAS a great book, but... why are the 'Cool Kids' all excited? seems like a gimick!"
With that said, I saw the "Making of: 'Where The Wild Things Are'", and I ALREADY know, this movie is going to be great. I guarantee, if you love GOOD movies, you will LOVE this movie.
I consider GOOD movies to be the ones that are different. Watching the same ol thing with a new title, but the same premise is BORING. This movie with not be boring. It's more than a movie. It pushes the limits on what is a "children's movie." Its a creation. It IS motion art.

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