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This "Boy Crazy", young lady, recently posted a piece on her blog based on what type of dude she WOULD be... ya know... if she had a "d.i.c.k." Possibly inspired by the lack of romantic efforts put forth by guys now-n-days. Topics such as these amplify my curiosity, because hetero cat's, like myself, seriously think about, and debate what attracts different women. A person can easily describe their dream (person) by ideally illustrating how they would be if they were the opposite sex.
From a far glance, Alexi Wasser seems like an unparalleled, out of the box type of beauty. While reading about her "dream guy", i took notes and found some things funny and some things informing. Here are a some of my favorite parts, but I suggest going and reading the entire post (LINK).

"If I were a dude, I’d be doing all kinds of shit to impress the girlies. Little stuff that’s super easy for me to do, but goes a long way with girls - cuz dudes just aren’t very romantic nowadays. i would dress to impress all the time but make sure there was no way i could ever, even for a second, be mistaken as gay. i would wear a slim fit tux WHENEVER necessary. i would wear suits everyday. i would always bring my dates flowers or even just a SINGLE flower. ANYTHING to look as though i added that extra bit of pizaz, cuz it’s so easy to do, and in reality requires no effort- and yet it is a gesture that goes a long way. i would pick the girl up, make sure she got inside safely before driving off. (but that bitch BETTER know the lean over ‘door trick’ or she’s dead to me!) [LOL!]i would open the door for her, pay for our dates (but secretly want her to offer to pay, just to gauge what kind of person she is). i would ONLY let her pay on my birthday and surprise me with little prezzies and the occasional grocery list item though. [EXATLY]. i would drive a hybrid or a range rover. maybe both, just to be confusing. i would go to the doctor and take care of myself. i wouldn’t have roommates, because i would want the place to myself so i could fuck whatever girl i wanted, whenever i wanted to, however i wanted! and because real men don’t have roommates."

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