Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alexi Wasser's -

Singer. Actress. Journalist. Blogger.
Anomolous Babe...

This "Boy Crazy", young lady, recently posted a piece on her blog based on what type of dude she WOULD be... ya know... if she had a "d.i.c.k." Possibly inspired by the lack of romantic efforts put forth by guys now-n-days. Topics such as these amplify my curiosity, because hetero cat's, like myself, seriously think about, and debate what attracts different women. A person can easily describe their dream (person) by ideally illustrating how they would be if they were the opposite sex.
From a far glance, Alexi Wasser seems like an unparalleled, out of the box type of beauty. While reading about her "dream guy", i took notes and found some things funny and some things informing. Here are a some of my favorite parts, but I suggest going and reading the entire post (LINK).

"If I were a dude, I’d be doing all kinds of shit to impress the girlies. Little stuff that’s super easy for me to do, but goes a long way with girls - cuz dudes just aren’t very romantic nowadays. i would dress to impress all the time but make sure there was no way i could ever, even for a second, be mistaken as gay. i would wear a slim fit tux WHENEVER necessary. i would wear suits everyday. i would always bring my dates flowers or even just a SINGLE flower. ANYTHING to look as though i added that extra bit of pizaz, cuz it’s so easy to do, and in reality requires no effort- and yet it is a gesture that goes a long way. i would pick the girl up, make sure she got inside safely before driving off. (but that bitch BETTER know the lean over ‘door trick’ or she’s dead to me!) [LOL!]i would open the door for her, pay for our dates (but secretly want her to offer to pay, just to gauge what kind of person she is). i would ONLY let her pay on my birthday and surprise me with little prezzies and the occasional grocery list item though. [EXATLY]. i would drive a hybrid or a range rover. maybe both, just to be confusing. i would go to the doctor and take care of myself. i wouldn’t have roommates, because i would want the place to myself so i could fuck whatever girl i wanted, whenever i wanted to, however i wanted! and because real men don’t have roommates."

Pay Attention 2 This Ad or It'll Beat This Woman...

This bus stop ad, recently erected in Hamburg, Germany, changes whether or not someone's looking at it. Using a built-in camera with eye-tracking technology, it can tell exactly when someone is checking it out.

It uses this to get across an anti-domestic abuse message. When no one is looking, it shows a man hitting his wife. But when you look right at it, it changes to a picture of the couple looking happy and normal. A cool piece of tech used to powerful effect.

Info Via: Jalopnik

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Black Mamba's" Tote

This isn't really a Black Mamba tote. If you don't know who "Black Mamba" is, I suggest you look over Kill Bill one more time.

The tote is an Empire 33 original (Top row: Custer / Bottom row: Musashi). They have been crafted from high quality Italian leather. The handle is an American civil war sword handle or a Japanese katana sword handle and is made of hardwood with steel and handcrafted brass fittings.
The man behind Empire 33, is Marjon Petrovski who hales from Southwestern Sydney. That's right folks! He's a young Aussie designer literally being inspired by his dreams. And while attending the Fashion Design Studio in Sydney, he fell in love with fine leathers, and high quality products. You can't go wrong with quality.

I Need This Giant Condom....... pillow

" you have a condom?"
"DO I!"
There is No-Way you can beat around the bush when you lay her head on the silk screened Lifestyle condom pillow. It speaks volumes about your standards, without saying a word. It also has a hidden pocket on the side for your erotic accommodations. Not only do they have 131 items for your condom convenience (key chains, holders, etc.), they have other fashionable yet effective fertility awareness methods for the babes. The Menstrual Bead Necklace, but they empower you to become more in touch with your body and your cycle by counting the beads to keep track.
The pillow can be copped at Etsy for $80

tAz Arnold: An Artist or A Piece of Work?

My job is to destroy people with creativity and style, which actually doesn’t destroy but inspires them." -tAz! Photobucket

Born and raised in South Central L.A. Along with being a father of two. Taz is the master of his existence and center of the universe. "This shit is about to get way dope and super excellenced out!" Currently on some renaissant man type shit, and attempting to turn this wack ass music industry, and this stale ass fashion shit on its ass with his supreme dopeness! He is a musician (one-third of Sa-Ra's "creative partners."), philosopher and fashion designer for such brands as MCM, and Kanye's Pastelle (The first Pastelle Clothing store will open up late 2009 in Chicago — followed by the New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco launch.), and Head of ti$a (his own intimate brand). Recently featured in YRB magazine for being... Fly. I would Highly suggest you read up on this fella. You don't want to be left behind, because I believe he will have something to do with your future.