Monday, August 17, 2009

When The Money Goes...

Mr. Hova himself appears in a video that he only did the hook in!?
If you heard this song when it was first leaked, you wouldn't be surprised that Jay is in the video. (*Shall I Break It Down!?) I'mma break it down... This song was one of the earlier leaked songs from BP3 in the first quarter of this year. In June, I heard the remix of this song, which was Then FEATURING Fabolous, who dropped a nice verse. But NOW, the song has become Fabolous', featuring Hov... interestiiing. That's one thing we are strangely kept in the dark about as fans. We listen to songs, and automatically assume that these are original cuts from our favorite artists. But that's quite on the contrary! The music industry is very political, and these songs are passed from artist to artist, and some have been completely duplicated. (*For example: Sterling Simms wrote, and recorded a hand-full of BANGERZ last year. THEN, Lloyd [a more well known artist] needs songs to finish "Lessons in Love", next thing you know, all those cuts were re-recorded the EXACT same way Sterling Simms cut them. So, most people have still Yet to know WHO STERLING SIMMS IS... "The Future!")
With that said, back to the video... I am not a fan of rap videos. They're copy-n-pasted concepts the have been recycled for more than a decade now. BUT, with the Hova cameo, and the simple, yet Real concept to this video... I dig it. One day you're "Living The Life", but if your foundation is soft and white, the Feds WILL come and chop that shit up and make you disappear!

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