Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Black Mamba's" Tote

This isn't really a Black Mamba tote. If you don't know who "Black Mamba" is, I suggest you look over Kill Bill one more time.

The tote is an Empire 33 original (Top row: Custer / Bottom row: Musashi). They have been crafted from high quality Italian leather. The handle is an American civil war sword handle or a Japanese katana sword handle and is made of hardwood with steel and handcrafted brass fittings.
The man behind Empire 33, is Marjon Petrovski who hales from Southwestern Sydney. That's right folks! He's a young Aussie designer literally being inspired by his dreams. And while attending the Fashion Design Studio in Sydney, he fell in love with fine leathers, and high quality products. You can't go wrong with quality.

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