Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This is the reason I love art (Not the sole reason, but the basis is here). A photographer has taken a picture of artist doing THEIR thing. It feels like a layer of Love upon a layer of Love. It's a part of compellingly-titled new show of photographs, “Spit & Peanut Shells: American Pictures” at Cincinnati, Ohio’s Country Club Gallery. Each picture is completely different, but you can see America in each.

What do people DO in between the West Coast -n- East Coast? What we do best... we put our creativity and imagination to work. We "DO WORK SON!!!" The art culture is not wholly in L.A., D.C., and N.Y.! It's in Dallas and Cincinnati as well. It's only a matter of time and a little more effort before people nation wide realize that this "art thing" is bigger than you may think. Art transcends, and it's being backed by Brilliant minds. It cannot be repressed! I suggest becoming apart of the ever increasing movement, or get left behind SUCKAAAAS!

(Photo by: Cheryl Dunn)

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