Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lykke Li @ The Granada Theatre on Feb. 18th

Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson, better known as Lykke Li, is a Swedish indie pop/alternative singer.
She released her first album, Youth Novels on LL Recordings in the U.S. in May. The album was produced by Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John, and Lasse Marten.
You can tell she has a different aura about herself. Feels as though it comes from deep within. It could stem from her artsy background; mother's a photographer & her father is a musician, who was kind of a big deal in Sweden. Don't sleep on the Swedish artists! They're doing something right.

"And for you I keep my legs apart...

And forget about my tainted heart."

This video is sick!

Hip-Hop's Jack Kerouac

AKA: (What the F••• is a) JAY ELECTRONICA!
My critique of what makes a good or bad movie is habitually based on the music in the movie. I feel as though it can make it or break it, because great music conveys and increases a certain emotion. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind is a favorite movie of mine mostly because of the mood of the music and the emotion from the actors is Spot ON. And again, in THIS, Jay did a perfect job of matching his attitude with the mood rendered from Jon Brion's soundtrack to the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
This was a free release made available on a his Myspace page back in 2007. It is 15 continuous minutes of music, without drums, and there are five segments, marked by changes in music and mood. The occasional snippets of sampled dialogue are from the movie “Turtles Can Fly” (the children arguing in Farsi), and Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. The first segment is comprised of spoken word by Just Blaze and Erykah Badu describing the first time she met Jay.


Nas "Queens Get The Money" = Monumental

If you have the time, take it to peep the video. You can really get a feel for the emotions of an entire era. There was a movement happening there that have revolutionized Today.
I wish I could be apart of something that powerful.

My Music Posts

I believe in expanding your horizons, because if you have a narrow view on the horizon, you’ll miss the majority of beautiful things on the come up (Mmm… Let it marinate. Might’ve gone over ya head ;) But the point of me saying that is… I will continue to listen to new genres of music in hopes of finding other great new songs, and artists; because honestly, I get bored of rap/hip-hop.

A few things:
If you click the song, it will send you to a link so you can preview it, and then download it.
This grading system. Don’t take it personally. Just because I gave Your favorite song a (C+) doesn’t mean I thought it was wack. If I put it on the list, I ALREADY like it. How much do I like it…? Maybe not as much as you… sry. And I'm trying to make the grading harder, to make it easier to tell which songs are Really better (simply my own opinion).
I spend quite a bit of time looking for the NEWEST music. And because I grade it, I Listen to it ALOT before I upload it to the blog. So if you’re like me, and you see a couple songs the day they leak, and I don’t post it few a days, and you say to yourself, “Q, you’re late!” More than likely, I hadn’t had the chance to REALLy listen to it yet.
If you click on a song to download, and the link doesn’t match the title, please leave a comment, and I will fix it that day(.)

what is a: new new??

UnKommon Munny

Munny: primarily a "Do-it-Yourself" type action figure from the American* designer toy company Kidrobot. [So many people think these are Japanese collectors items. Not sure why...] The figure is meant to be decorated using anything... even ketchup supposedly.
*This award winning Munny was designed by
the talented "J-Bigg" aka: Jeremy Biggers

Check out the story behind the creation of this Munny. Kinda cool.
Also a part of Unkommon Kolor, these creatively pre-painted Munny's can be found at their Store Website.
I gotta get this Barak Obama Munny! NA-MEAN!!

Number (N)ine x New Era

Hi-end Japanese brand Number (N)ine look towards New Era for a special collaboration project alongside the fitted cap purveyors. Number (N)ine’s attention to detail and design is present throughout the collection comprised of five different colorways. Featuring a checkered flag print pattern, the caps will run you about a BILL FIDDY! ... $150s. Available at the Number (N)ine Tokyo locations, buuut i would suggest calling to order one.

Nike Dunks for the LADIES.... but i'd rock'em

Nike has some nice new additions for the women’s Premium Dunk line. Focusing on sharp, spring-toned colors, the focus is in the use of light-green. Features a fiber-optical illumination and Nike’s Zoom Air cushioning. Now available over-seas, but can be copped HERE.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Are those... AIR YEEEEEZZZZZYs!?

The Zoom Kobe IV iD is becoming available in a couple days. Promo: Nike has a funny lil commercial with Mike Epps and DJ AM. The commercial also feat. some dope sneakers on the sly.
A pair of the Entourage Air Force 1s, aaand even a pair of Air Yeezys (Their SECOND cameo in Nikes line of commercials this year.) Of course the Zoom Kobe IV iD makes an appearance as well.
*Honestly, I'm not even a fan, but the hype of these has gotten pretty nuts... so I've become kinda siked.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Novel - "HARD 2 STAY AFLOAT!!"


Novel - Hard 2 Stay Afloat • A+

(He took the breakdown from Kanye's Coldest Winter and looped it. PERFECTLY SOULFUL!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


SGRCRFT 2008 Holiday Line

With their holiday season of clothing, Cake has changed their name to Sugarcraft to differentiate themselves from the pack. Sugarcraft: meaning the art of making cake. So, I introduce to you the holiday lineup from Sugarcraft and what is their flyest shit yea. Their popular "Models Love Cake" design returns and this time it gets the foil treatment in a variety of colors [Limited Green one for the holidays! DOPE.] Other strong designs include the Keith one, an ode to artist Keith Haring, and the Party Dangerously design featuring a notorious picture of Lindsey Lohan ;0)

N*E*R*D "Sooner Or Later"

"A Nightmare just ate up your dreams!"


Such a satirical video, but so OnPoint!! Its relavancy is something like a revalation! To appear on Wall Street, causing chaos and emphasizing their verse that "sooner or later... it all comes crashing down." Something we are all very familiar with; whether thru heartbreak, or now witnessing the stock markets value PLUMMIT and watching people literally living out the lines of this song. A revalation, turned anomoly thru song...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Combine the wit of The Boondocks with a raw aesthetic that’s been missing since the demise of The Chappelle Show. Characters like Black Jesus and Tubesteak are already destined to be favorites amongst the long list of clowns, and the web video allows Aaron McGruder (creator of The Boondocks)and his team a creative freedom unavailable in print or television.

"What we’ve got up now is a piece of us trying to summarize what we’d do with sketch comedy. I think that we’re looking forward to a place where I can house all of these other ideas I have that don’t fit with the animated show. In terms of its platform on the Internet, it’s always really exciting to try and keep up with how things are changing." - McGruder

"I can't throw a rock without hitten a nigga!"

MERRY CHRISTMAS "I come bearing dat new new!"

FYI: Why are they necessitating an update to digital cable??

To convert analog versions of channels to digital. Each analog channel takes up 38mbs of bandwidth. [Grasp This: CSPAN takes up more bandwidth than you have available to you for internet services.]
For Basic Cable subscribers that get about 40 analog channels. Those households are consuming 40 x 38.6mbs or 1.54 Gbs. I was blown away when I found out that's more bandwidth than most neighborhoods consume online, by a lot.
Thats also the equivalent of 500 standard def digital channels. If you convert that to revenue per bit for cable companies, the basic cable customers are getting the best deal! The standard def digital version of the same channel takes up less than 3mbs. The typical HD version takes up about 8mbs or less. So, every time a channel is converted from analog to digital a MINIMUM of 28mbs is freed up. The bandwidth that is freed up can be used for: more internet bandwidth, to more HD channels, more video on demand... More bandwidth means more digital everything. The cable companies have been hesitant to convert them only because of the potential FCC backlash. The FCC made this an issue because it does reduce the number of channels available to those who connect their cable to older televisions sets, or directly to their analog TVs.
[Side Note: Some people don’t realize that analog could send a better-looking picture to your television set, but with an analog signal, you adopt noise. Not the type of noise that you can hear. This noise is simply a term used to describe a disturbance that interferes with the normal operation of a device or system. So the more you crank up this analog signal, the more noise you will get.]

So which is more important, protecting analog TV connectivity, or having more bandwidth available?

Obviously I’m pro-digital! Lets free up this bandwidth, because I think broadband should be a priority in this country. It not only equates to faster internet service, but it will open up many new applications that can significantly impact our society. All of which are far more important than making sure that an old analog TV can receive a few more basic cable tv channels. Otherwise, what is next, stopping Youtube and other video sites from increasing the bit rate of videos because those with dialup will be forced to upgrade?

*If you don't know about the FCC, I suggest you take a second to read about them. (CLICK HERE)

Musiq: OnMyRadio


Four albums deep into a career with no Top Ten pop singles to his name, Musiq put alot on the line with his latest single released, “Radio”. Which sounded suspiciously like some of that snap music that was goin down some years ago. Hmmm… not a good first sign. I believe we are now in a progressive state of music, since that is the only thing that survives. But this “Radio” single was a wee-bit out of character. Even though it’s the last song on the cd (But the first single tho?? That’ll hurt record sales FAsure.), everything before it sounds like the usual line-up for this dude. A couple of GREAT Love Ballads, and then some mediocre bluesy shit (NO DIS. I’mma Beat Head!!! and Musiq has a way with words… we just don’t see eye 2 eye.) But overall the cd has some ear-caressing tracks that blends old-school soul fervor with new-school hip-hop tempos.
The gist of Onmyradio: something that would get played a couple times the first week I owned it, and after said week, it would only get played upon request. But it Really isn't THAT Bad. There just isn't any evolution with his music. You will get bored of it quickly, because it all sounds too similar to his other cd's.


Until • C+
SomeOne • B-


And then you find out that you could’ve prevented this. Not by working out, or eating better. Or even by going to the doctor sooner, but if you would’ve done what you heard that guy say That One Time in that commercial, Or listened to the speeches you’ve heard, or paid attention to December the First or would you not believe what all these people tried to tell you, and continue to put yourself at risk simply for self indulgence…?

I was inclined to re-up my knowledge on HIV/AIDS a few days ago when I found out that the rate for African American women 18 – 25 INCREASED FORTY PERCENT in Dallas and surrounding areas. So for those of you who believe that, because you may not hear about it as much as you once did, or “technology is evolving everyday, so I’m sure they’ve made advancements in the prevention of HIV and AIDS!” mmmm… Nah. Not so much.
Although the research is being done, and advancements are being made, our carelessness is invalidating any progression that has been made on the technical side. To think this is a contained problem within AFRICA, homosexuals, or particular regions of the U.S., your idea of HIV/AIDS is thoroughly misconstrued.

Of all racial and ethnic groups in the United States, HIV/AIDS has hit African Americans the hardest. The reasons are a little distorted, but rather to some of the barriers faced by alot of African Americans. These obstacles include being financially disabled, and negative attitudes, beliefs, and actions directed at people living with HIV/AIDS or directed at people who do things that might put them at risk for HIV.

We have the shortest survival times amongst AIDS patients, and it is Our leading cause of death. If anything else, this is nothing but fuel to My Fire for my campaign: KEEPING YA NUMBERS DOWN!Respect Yaself!” (Limit your number of partners.) Sex is a beautiful thing that should be had… multiple times a day if you got it like that :) But the more partners you have, the more you increase your risk of catching an STD(.)

Avoiding HIV/AIDS is simple, and the info has been instilled in us for YEARS. But if you have forgotten, or would like to re-up your knowledge, go HERE and read slow. Let this shit marinate.

“Respect is an action, not an act…” – CommonSense



SABIT NYC Winter 2008

"This is Japanese influenced street couture!”
•Shoichi Amemiya•

Inspired by the philosophy of Tanoshinde, the Japanese term for enjoy. The New York based label: Sabit, designed by Shoichi Amemiya, has created a line of apparel infused with a unique spirit of optimism and subtle flare. The Japanese-born Shoichi finds inspiration from his experience as director of outerwear for Marc Ecko, where he acted as director of the outerwear division. He launched Sabit in 2006 as a premium fashion denim and sportswear line. It's Japanese super cool style in reworked vintage pieces with great details. Their newest seasonal collection offers a unique take on varsity jackets with interesting textiles choice; for example: a buffalo plaid flannel jacket with a powerful purple lining and crazy leather trimmed jeans are definite standout pieces for the contemporary faux-hunter look.


Theo Jansen's: STRANDBEEST

Large kinetic sculptures that resemble skeletons are able to walk using the wind on the beaches of the Netherlands.
Theo Jansen, who was born in the Netherlands; and is an artist & an inventor, creates the artificial life.
His “New Nature” is created with the use of algorithms (method of precise instructions made to produce a task) that imitate evolution within these codes. These codes don’t always produce a definite result, so the reaction could be random. But the algorithms are used to solve a range of problems that can come up, including malfunctions with the artwork.


The skeletons, which are able to walk on the wind, are all put together by plastic electrical conduit. The main focus for the algorithms is to help the creations survive on the beach against nature. They are “programmed” to survive on the beach while moving around within two lines: the wet sand near the ocean and the dry sand at the edge of the beach. And over time, these skeletons have become better-n-better at surviving the elements (storms and waves), and eventually Jansen’s goal is to have HERDS of these creations on the beaches.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Seems like some Truelife: "I'm A Rockstar," type shit.

Monday, December 1, 2008





HOVA Feat. Santogold - Brooklyn (Go Hard) • A-

Mack Maine Feat. Lil Wayne - Throw Back • B

T-Pain Feat. Polow Da Don - My Own Stepts • B-

Jadakiss Feat. Lil Wayne - Death Wish • B+

Nas - Something Foul
• A-

GLC Feat. Kanye West - Big Screens
• B+

T.I. Feat. Mack Maine - I'm Dat Nigga
• B-

Young Jeezy Feat. Pharrell - Rumor Has It • B+

Kevin Rudolf Feat. Birdman - Tennessee • B

Common Feat. Kanye West - Punch Drunk Love • A-

The Dream - Rockin That Thang • B

Basic Vocab - Come Get With It
• A-
This is Actually from 2003, but I heard it for the first time a month ago, so I thought I would share.

*My apologies for the delay. Some of this is from two weeks ago, but I've been a little apprehensive to upload songs. I guess I was waitin on Hova :)