Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blood is the New Black...?

Another tee popularized by Mr. Wayne Carter himself. The "Rock -n- Roll Star"... yeaaah. I wonder if he changed stylist when he decided to be a "Rock -n- Roll Star." Either way, the t-shirt is dope. I love the little shot of Versace in the bottom corner. [Correction: not Versace, but Karl Lagerfeld.]
Designed by Brian Lichtenberg, but sold at BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK. The clothing retailer has a great concept of featuring t-shirts done by ARTISTS. The site also has links to all 21 artists and their websites to view their portfolios. These cats are Legit and the clothes are Official! They feel very exclusive with the 'one of a kind' look to each of them. The 'Moto Vest' tee was Lichtenberg's only piece (haha) available through BITNB, but his link is available above to view his other products.

(Info via: Complex)

Curren$y "Modern Day Hippie" LIVE @ SXSW


OOOOOW That's my joint!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

HOV's teaser

"Tell me I didn't make a mistake..."


Jay-Z "Maybe"

I can't lie. My anxiousness for the Blueprint 3 kinda died out somewhere along the way. Not sure whats going on with hip-hop right now (IT SUCKS!) but I need SOMETHING. This song was something like a 99 cent 4 piece nugget at Wendy's... just a lil snack.

Bjorg.... not the singer

Bjorg kicked off her venture into the fashion industry at the young age of 22 in her own studio and boutique, and was soon exhibiting in galleries in Norway, Germany, and Japan. After starting her business, she moved to India with her family, and there she discovered the vibrant colors and deviating styles of jewelery. She has now moved backed to Norway to run her company from home.
Bjørg’s jewellery line is that kind of keepsake special jewellery that reflects nostalgia, tells a story or is just a token of affection, like the “From the Bottom of My Heart” piece.


"She wear her heels on hi-gh"

Gianfranco Ferre very dope heels ("No-Mo") are modeled after crystal sugar sticks. Shits are ba-na-nas! I like the concept. The vibe has changed a bit since the death of Ferre. They're definitely taking further steps to pushing the limits on he architecture of fashion.

ALIFE - Public Outrage

Established in 1999, ALIFE has become one of the most directional and influential brands to have emerged from NYC. Alife has gone from a small retail space on Orchard Street to a genre-defining and coveted brand with projects spanning across the board, including: creative direction of Mass Appeal Magazine, art installations at the Dietch Projects, and the Levi's and Alife Retail Installation.
ALIFE’s latest collection of footwear just dropped. It features three designs over two models. Some nice bright colors are utilized throughout with some strong branding. The Public Outrage is a low-top deck shoe with a tumbled leather upper. A big ass ALIFE logo (as usual) is plastered over the heel. Now cop-able at select ALIFE dealers. I'd suggest hitting up your local Barney's.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Shortly before G.O.O.D Music went on stage at SXSW they where backstage getting warmed up. Big Sean spit a short freestyle in Kanye’s trailer before the show. Check out the footage above. (Via: Hypetrak)

Sean Anderson (20 YEARS OLD TODAY!), deriving from Detroit, gets my vote for G.O.O.D. Music's ROOKIE of the YEAR! Without a doubt. (Also signed to Island Def Jam last year.) The first few songs I heard from young, I wasn't very impressed. His "style" or content wasn't captivating enough for me to take anymore time in checking up on his new shit. But there is something about getting to know someone, that makes you root for them. No matter what someone is promoting or selling, when you've heard their story, and you get a better view on Their vision, you can't help but want to see them succeed. And that is exactly what attracted me to BIG Sean. Its as if I had to get to know him to understand his style. And when I heard "MILLION DOLLARS", I knew this dude was official!!
FINALLY FAMOUS The Album, slated to drop before the summer.

Peep his 5 part story of his come up!
Its definitely worth watching.

ACRONYM - "The Perfect" Messenger Backpack


In addition to the extensive collection of technical apparel, Munich-based label ACRONYM also launched several new accessories for its 3RD ARM bag collection. So named for their versatility, ACRONYM worked closely with BLACKJACK, the renown messenger bag manufacturer in Berlin, in designing the most suitable storage for the dynamic urban environment. The bags include the patented KHS TEC SYS, a modular webbing system like those found on MOLLE used by the U.S. Armed Forces. The webbing permits attachments of accessories in an infinite range of combination. Making ACRONYM 3RD ARM Bag expendable and future proof.

The ACRONYM 3RD ARM Collection is WAS available at The-Glade, but is now SOLD OUT. Unless you happen to be in Berlin, and you stop by FIRMANENT... don't hold your breath.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keri Hilson -n- Kanye -n- NeYo



Monday, March 23, 2009

Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" Live

There are a few songs that I would love to jump in my DeLorean and go back and watch LIVE around the time they came out. (#1 MAZE AND FRANKIE BEVERLY "WE ARE ONE"!) But I happen to peep this on the good ol' youtube, and thought about how evoking it was.
A song that speaks to civil rights issues both in America, and around the world, “What’s Going On” is one of the most widely appreciated protest songs of all time. It reached #2 for three weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 for five weeks on the Billboard R&B charts. From the Detroit Metro Times - “Berry Gordy didn’t want to release this, deeming it “uncommercial.” The Motown chief finally relented when Gaye — who co-wrote it with Four Top Renaldo “Obie” Benson and Motown in-house songwriter Al Cleveland — threatened to permanently stop recording. His determination not only paved the way for black artists to pursue more personal and sociopolitical songwriting agendas, but along with Stevie Wonder’s “emancipation,” it changed Motown’s whole game. The song is as relevant and poignant today as it was the day it was written.

Veritas Presents: HOPE



Don't miss the Sleeperstar concert at 9:30pm!

FEATURING: 5D Artists Group, DIAC Members, The Veritas Artists Collective

20$ Suggested Donation at the door
Cash and credit cards accepted

All proceeds will go to Naomi’s village PLUS:
20% of all fashion and accessories
30% of all art sold

Artists Showing at the Event:
Zach Saucedo
Bob Johnson
Sean Ellis
Justin Strickland
Katie Kader
Brent Richardson
*Check out their work by clicking each artist

Also, there will be a raffle with big ticket items! :)

Invite your friends, post this to your profile, spread the word!

After Party 11pm-2AM at
Tierneys Cafe and Tavern
208 E. Main Street
Old Town Lewisville

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fruition: pleasurable use or possession.

AKA: a Las Vegas’ retro inspired boutique FRUITION.
This "simple" boutique focuses on what Really matters... the clothes. They carry a unique blend of whats now and whats next. Some of the designs include Cassette Playa Treatment over Archival Maui & Sons Tee, Cassette Playa Treatment over Archival Black Magic Print, Cassette Playa Treatment over Archival Wizard Of Oz Print and more. An 80s base with sprinkles of 2010. NAH-MEAN!
If you can't make it out to Vegas to see this sight for yourself, I'd highly suggest going to their WEBSITE. The way they have chosen to sell their products through a blog format is different. But again, it's simple and focuses on the content.

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Nonchalant Chic"


It is just incredible what Lanvin has been able to achieve in recent years. They went from an old school, boring French luxury brand to being one of the most innovative brand in the market place. The Lanvin footwear collection has been extremely popular in the last couple of years and for Spring -n- Summer 2009 they once again propose a great selection. The sneaker program, which is by far my favorite, continues this season with further nice colorways in both the low top and the high top versions of their sneakers. They are moving in such an uncluttered but elegant way. Cop-able at COLETTE.


Urban Spectales


"It is past due time that our conception of eyewear be revalued. The current trend of eyewear mocks our creativity and ability to shape the way in which we look in and look through our spectacles. Creating eyewear from scratch allows one to be an active participant in the customization of the frames which will rest on their nose. The frame's design is only limited by one's imagination. The stunning appearance and texture of the chosen material are varied as there are trees. The uniqueness of hand made specs goes without saying. Whereas eyewear mass produced by means of machines and computers results in the exact same pair of frames every time, two human hands, even if they wanted to, would not be able to make exact duplicates of anything. This is very true of the spectacles I create. Every pair stands alone as an absolute original, born from my hands, to live on the bridge of your nose."

Peep their other goodies HERE