Friday, November 21, 2008

VIDEO: MGMT - (The Making of: "Electric Feel")

“Electric Feel” is the second single from MGMT’s first joint, “Oracular Spectacular”. It was released on June 23rd, 2008. This song is about a woman who comes from the Amazon rain forest who has the power to shock people with the electricity that runs through her veins. The song has also been remixed by the French electronic duo, Justice.
The song’s video is BA-NA-NAS! The music video features an appearance by the Rock-afire Explosion (Created by a fellow named CHUCK E. CHEESE). The RAE was an animatronic animal band that played in Showbiz Pizza Place in the 80s n 90s. The music video was also nominated for Best Art Direction in a Video at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. I think it’s the Dopest video I’ve Ever seen. Most definitely in a time where it is heavily publicized that “videos are dead”, I do believe this joint the “messiah” for music videos, and this was the “second coming”.
There's also an interactive version of the video, in which you can choose your own backgrounds, over at the band's website. Download HERE.

^Making of the "Electric Feel" video^

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