Saturday, November 8, 2008

Undercrwn: Down Goes McCain (O-Ko) Tee

In celebratation of Barack Obama’s win and John McCain’s downfall, Undrcrwn is selling this tee to commemorate the historic event. The t-shirt reenacts the ending of one of boxing’s most controversial matches, which took place between Muhammad Ali and Sunny Liston. Designed in caricature form, Barack Obama is standing victorious as Ali while McCain lays on the ground in total defeat as Liston. The tee also borrows the famous call that Howard Cosell used during the Foreman vs. Frazier fight,”Down goes Frazier!”, but in this case it’s “Down goes McCain!”. The shirt is now available at Undrcrwn’s website in white, grey, blue, and black. Retail $30. Click HERE to Buy.

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