Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WHO IS: Charles Hamilton?!

The Boy Is Major!

Charles Hamilton AKA: SONIC THE HEDGEHOGSonic means sound and hedgehogs bury themselves underground. I’m Sonic The Hedgehog because I bury myself in the sound”; Musician. Producer. Songwriter. Lyricist. Psycho. Hippie. Genius. These words all connect through one name: Charles Hamilton.
This cat is a youngster in the game, but Truly coming up to be as successful as artists like Kanye West: being a rapper/producer/BLOGGER (HAHA). I’m not talking about a “Soulja Boy” type… this kid is an Artist, not a JOKE! His real, but yet witty lyrics and production often leaves you smirkin. With samples from Sonic The Hedgehog, and the theme song from The Price Is Right, definitely sets him apart so you can easily recognize the originality (Yes. ORIGINALITY IS ALIVE!) Although, most of his music is sample-driven, he insists, “its for the good of music”.
Mr. Hamilton has recently set sail on a three-month ONLINE TOUR. That’s right, he is “moving without going anywhere.” It is something he has branded as, “The Hamiltonization Process,” which is a movement of releasing music to reach close to two million unique listeners. “Basically, different Hip-Hop sites are getting exclusive content, different themed mixtapes, maybe interviews, behind the scenes and each website gets something totally different. I plan on giving instrumentals away.” Sounds like forward thinking to me.
Inspired by our favorite whiteboy, Eminem, and his slick, emotional tongue. Being familiar with the emotions and subject. This allowed Mister Hamilton to feel that his content could be accepted, because his style was undeniable. And with this irrefutable swag, he made his music as a finished product rather than a demo, and got signed to Interscope through a bidding war.
Sum up his style: Beck x Consequence

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