Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MUSIC: Charles Hamilton Presents - "Sonic The Hamilton"



"Enter The Hedgehog" • B

"Where's My Fucking Genisis"
• C

"10 Minutes"
• B-

"Put Cash Up"
• D

"Ringtone Rap"
• B+
(ALREADY Sampled: Put A Ring On It)

"Two Left Feet (SwaggerLess Swag)"
• C

"Frustration And Failed Suicide Attempts" • C+

"Stir Of Echoes Or Sleeping Beauty" • B

"Baby Sonic" • C+

"Lemme Know" • B-

"Supersonicvents" • C-

"Happy Endings" • B-

"Fans Are Cool" • B+

"11 11 Again" (Instrumental)

"Captain Slave A Hedgehog" (Instrumental)

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