Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Are You FaREAL?!

Denver entrepreneur Jordan Eisenberg has recently launched to help you keep track of ya girls cycle. All you've got to do is enter the date of her last cycle, and the site will automatically send you e-mails to warn you before her future cycles. The site has a pretty smart business model! He's set up corporate partnerships with 1-800-Flowers and Godiva chocolates, and gives recommendations how to keep her happy through Hell-Week. And please believe, after she finds out that you clock her cycle, you’ll need 1-800-Flowers!

So it looks like ya boy Will Smith will be directing AND producing ANOTHER Karate Kid. Hm… I guess he wasn’t aware that the last one was GARBAGE. The sequel that follows a flop USUALLY goes straight to dvd. Oddly, he has his son, Jaden, starring in the Titanic of a movie. I have faith in the kids future, but this WILL put a dent in the boy’s resume. NO DISS… but this may be the beginning of the end for Will, because Hancock wasn’t even good, and now… This?!

Adrienne Bailon, the Babe from 3LW & The Cheetah Girls; had her laptop stolen while she was at the airport. Then the perpetrator contacted Adrienne and offered to give it back for $1,000. But in the meantime, he found semi-nude photos and posted them to the internetPEEP.
Why do these females continue to Take Naked Pictures... and KEEP THEM. I don’t understand it. Please, someone, help me understand why you would do that. ESPECIALLY when you are something like a “celebrity”.

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