Friday, March 13, 2009

Urban Spectales


"It is past due time that our conception of eyewear be revalued. The current trend of eyewear mocks our creativity and ability to shape the way in which we look in and look through our spectacles. Creating eyewear from scratch allows one to be an active participant in the customization of the frames which will rest on their nose. The frame's design is only limited by one's imagination. The stunning appearance and texture of the chosen material are varied as there are trees. The uniqueness of hand made specs goes without saying. Whereas eyewear mass produced by means of machines and computers results in the exact same pair of frames every time, two human hands, even if they wanted to, would not be able to make exact duplicates of anything. This is very true of the spectacles I create. Every pair stands alone as an absolute original, born from my hands, to live on the bridge of your nose."

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