Saturday, December 13, 2008

SABIT NYC Winter 2008

"This is Japanese influenced street couture!”
•Shoichi Amemiya•

Inspired by the philosophy of Tanoshinde, the Japanese term for enjoy. The New York based label: Sabit, designed by Shoichi Amemiya, has created a line of apparel infused with a unique spirit of optimism and subtle flare. The Japanese-born Shoichi finds inspiration from his experience as director of outerwear for Marc Ecko, where he acted as director of the outerwear division. He launched Sabit in 2006 as a premium fashion denim and sportswear line. It's Japanese super cool style in reworked vintage pieces with great details. Their newest seasonal collection offers a unique take on varsity jackets with interesting textiles choice; for example: a buffalo plaid flannel jacket with a powerful purple lining and crazy leather trimmed jeans are definite standout pieces for the contemporary faux-hunter look.


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