Saturday, December 13, 2008

Musiq: OnMyRadio


Four albums deep into a career with no Top Ten pop singles to his name, Musiq put alot on the line with his latest single released, “Radio”. Which sounded suspiciously like some of that snap music that was goin down some years ago. Hmmm… not a good first sign. I believe we are now in a progressive state of music, since that is the only thing that survives. But this “Radio” single was a wee-bit out of character. Even though it’s the last song on the cd (But the first single tho?? That’ll hurt record sales FAsure.), everything before it sounds like the usual line-up for this dude. A couple of GREAT Love Ballads, and then some mediocre bluesy shit (NO DIS. I’mma Beat Head!!! and Musiq has a way with words… we just don’t see eye 2 eye.) But overall the cd has some ear-caressing tracks that blends old-school soul fervor with new-school hip-hop tempos.
The gist of Onmyradio: something that would get played a couple times the first week I owned it, and after said week, it would only get played upon request. But it Really isn't THAT Bad. There just isn't any evolution with his music. You will get bored of it quickly, because it all sounds too similar to his other cd's.


Until • C+
SomeOne • B-

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