Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Music Posts

I believe in expanding your horizons, because if you have a narrow view on the horizon, you’ll miss the majority of beautiful things on the come up (Mmm… Let it marinate. Might’ve gone over ya head ;) But the point of me saying that is… I will continue to listen to new genres of music in hopes of finding other great new songs, and artists; because honestly, I get bored of rap/hip-hop.

A few things:
If you click the song, it will send you to a link so you can preview it, and then download it.
This grading system. Don’t take it personally. Just because I gave Your favorite song a (C+) doesn’t mean I thought it was wack. If I put it on the list, I ALREADY like it. How much do I like it…? Maybe not as much as you… sry. And I'm trying to make the grading harder, to make it easier to tell which songs are Really better (simply my own opinion).
I spend quite a bit of time looking for the NEWEST music. And because I grade it, I Listen to it ALOT before I upload it to the blog. So if you’re like me, and you see a couple songs the day they leak, and I don’t post it few a days, and you say to yourself, “Q, you’re late!” More than likely, I hadn’t had the chance to REALLy listen to it yet.
If you click on a song to download, and the link doesn’t match the title, please leave a comment, and I will fix it that day(.)

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