Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"The Moment"

A short award winning film that explores the moment between cause and effect.

Verena and Csaba: two ambitious animation students at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg who collaborated on animation shorts and digital crafts.
They were given an assignment to produce a trailer for the International Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart.
Synopsis: moment of awarness and in which ways it could come to you. A car accident will definitely open your eyes and make you aware.
Currently they're working on a new 4 minute short film, which is Verenas graduation project at Filmakademie.
Now upon watching this on Kanye's blog, I was lead to believe these cats made this to the rhythm of Kayne's "Street Lights", which is above. But after further research, it's actually faster than the one above, and has another piece of music playing along. And it looks AMAZING! It took quite a bit of time to load, but when it finally did it was worth the wait.
PEEP => [http://stud.animationsinstitut.de/momentftp/THE_MOMENT_WEB_H264_720P.mov]
It was made to a rythm, so to match it with "Street Lights", they just slowed the video down to match the scene breaks.

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