Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crips & Bloods: MADE IN AMERICA

^Trailer to the film^
It’s a civil war that’s lasted 40 years. Passed down from son to son. But what’s at the root of this long-standing battle...? Filmmaker, Stacy Peralta try’s to find out by speaking with former and current gang members.
With this film, you’ll get a better picture on how these two gangs came about, primarily because of racism. The racist housing covenants written into leases and deeds prevented blacks, Latinos and Asians from living in white neighborhoods. Those discriminatory practices helped establish and embed the anger and segregation of minorities. So they were being separated and treated unfairly, like they were unequal; which didn’t change until 1968 when the USSC ruled that this was illegal (Fair Housing Act), but the feelings were still there.
Saying all of that still does not excuse the actions of the two parties that have caused violence and taken over 15,000 lives, wild the world stands by.

The movie wants to encompass the history behind this, and show where these gangs have come from, and where they are now. Through the struggle of doing so, the jumps from the present to the past and forward again, can dilute the historical momentum that is trying to be built up. But regardless, the General message is obvious… things need to CHANGE(.)

^Baron Davis talks about how he got involed with producing the movie^
^Also, some quick excerpts from Snoop -n- Wayne^

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